Precious photos lost to the digital deep?

Many people think that deleted photos can’t be recovered, but the truth is they can.


It happened to me at the end of a seven week backpacking trip through Asia. Preparing for to return to the states after gaining more than a few unforgettable adventures and incredible new friends, I opened my camera to look through my pictures one last time, and you guessed it, there was nothing there. No pictures.

I put the memory card into my computer. Still nothing. The card appeared to be completely empty. I felt awful. I had a brick of guilt and remorse sitting in the pit of my stomach. What did I do to deserve this? It felt like my entire trip was gone – all of the memories, all of the moments, all of the relationships, gone in an instant. To be frank, I was devastated.

Thankfully, I hadn’t taken any more pictures on my card, when later that day, after I explained my whole story to a fellow traveler, they pointed me in the way of a little application called Photo Recovery by Stellar Phoenix.

I downloaded Photo Recovery to my computer and scanned my memory card. That morning I would’ve never though it possible, but I got 99% of my pictures back the very same day.

Since that fateful day, I’ve learned a lot more about the photo recovery process. I’ve learned the reasons memory cards get corrupted and pictures get lost. I’ve also learned a few tricks for preventing photo loss too.

I’ve learned about the technique that photo recovery software uses to retrieve deleted photos – a process called file carving.

I’ll explain everything I’ve learned throughout the pages of this site, but for those of you who simply want to recover your missing photos right away, let me introduce to you, as my friend did for me that day, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery.

Introducing Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is available for PC or Mac. It can recover deleted photos. It can recover photos from formatted memory cards. It can even access your recycle bin after it has been emptied. Photo Recovery is available as a free download that allows you to scan for missing pictures right away.

It has the highest recovery rate of any photo recovery program, according to TopTenREVIEWS, and has received numerous awards . You can download it to your computer right now and run it to scan your memory card or computer.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery PC/Mac

  • Free to download and scan your card
  • Complete Do-It-Yourself photo recovery software
  • Highest recovery rate among competitors
  • First class customer support
  • Updated for 2013
  • Compatible with PC and Mac computers

Praise for Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

“Even though the application is filled with features, it is very easy to use since each feature is self explanatory. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery receives our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for their simple-to-use interface and advanced ability to recover photos from any storage device.”

“Stellar Phoenix is the leading name in data recovery, and offers a wide range of products, so they have experience. The documentation is clear and easy to read – but most importantly, if you run into any problems you can call one of their customer support centers and speak directly with a representative.”
-Photo Recovery Review

“Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is definitely the solution to have around, in case of disaster: clean and fast, if the situation allows for it, it provides the necessary tools to successfully recover your data.”

How do photos get deleted or disappear?

There are a number of ways we get ourselves into this unfortunate situation of missing photos.

First, and most common is accidental human deletion. We’ve all done it. For one reason or another, we simply delete a photo that we want back.

Second, and almost just as common is hardware failure. You turn on your camera and realize the pictures are gone. This happens when there is a power shortage while the camera is in the write process – in my case, I ignored the flashing battery warning and used the camera until the battery failed and ended up with a corrupted memory card. Other power shortages are caused by dropping the camera or exposing the camera to liquid.

What happens when photos disappear from your camera or computer?

Pictures or videos stored on a memory card or hard disk are never simply deleted and gone forever in a case of hardware failure, or even when you accidentally press the delete button. Instead, they are sent to live in the deep dark crevices of the disk, unable to be found by the operating system. Fortunately, due to a process called file carving, which reassembles the fragments of the files without the use of metadata, missing photos and videos can now be recovered with the right software.

Still, it’s best to act right away. If you continue to use a memory card or hard drive after accidentally deleting pictures, you risk writing over the fragments of the deleted pictures. If you do this, you severely lower your chances of recovering all of your photos. Instead, download a photo recovery software and scan for your missing photos.

Other options for DIY photo recovery

If you are computer savvy and feel comfortable running programs from a command line interface, CGSecurity makes a powerful free tool, PhotoRec. If you are not familiar with the MS Dos based or Linux command line systems, I don’t recommend using photo rec, as you may risk further fragmenting your card.

Conclusion or Why I love Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

My parents always taught me that if you are going to do something, do it right. For me, It’s not worth it to mess around with anything less than the best for photo recovery, and Stellar Phoenix makes the most effective, easiest to use photo recovery software available.

If you run Photo Recovery soon after you realize your pictures are missing, it will do the best job of getting all your pictures back.


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